Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal Nurse Consultant

a legal nurse consultant is to analyze the available information and provide an informed option about the quality of medical care given and the outcome that resulted from that care.

Find A Legal Nurse

Find Legal Nurse Consutants in Alabama

Laura Averette

Qualifications: RN, MSN, CPHRM, CLNC
  • Clinical Expertise:Nursing Research, Risk Management, Medical Surgical, Quality Assurance
  • Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Risk Management Defense, Medical Malpractice

Janet Bailey Parker

Qualifications: CLCP, RN, LNCC, MSCC, MSM
  • Clinical Expertise: Utilization Review, Medical Surgical, Intensive Care,
  • Practice Areas: Case Management

  • City: Birmingham
  • State: AL
  • Phone: 317-650-6604
  • E-mail:

Patsy Langford

Qualifications: BSN, MNA, RN,CRNA
  • Clinical Expertise: Vascular, Surgery, Urology,Intensive Care, Nephrology, Education, Emergency, Cardiovascular, Plastic Surgery, Nurse Anesthetist, Surgery, Operating Room, General Nurse Practice, Clinical Specialist, Neonatal.
  • Practice Areas: Defense, Medical Malpractice, Plaintiff