Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal Nurse Consultant

a legal nurse consultant is to analyze the available information and provide an informed option about the quality of medical care given and the outcome that resulted from that care.

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Find Legal Nurse Consutants in Maryland

Faith Howarth

Qualifications: EdM, CRNP, MSN, CS
  • Clinical Expertise: Ambulatory Care, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Specialist, Risk Management, Outpatient
  • Practice Areas: Plaintiff, Independent Medical Examination, Expert Witness, Defense, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Risk Management

  • Company: Faith Howarth
  • City: Easton
  • State: Maryland
  • Phone: 443-994-4027
  • E-mail:
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Jen Nussbaum

Qualifications: CCM, RN, CLNC, WCCM
  • Clinical Expertise: Home Health, Trauma, Pain Management, Intensive Care, Emergency, Rehabilitation
  • Practice Areas: Independent Medical Examination, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Plaintiff/Defense, Case Management

Barbara Freimuth

Qualifications: BC, RN, CWCN, BSN
  • Clinical Expertise: Education, Nursing Home, Risk Management, Administration, Federal Medical Survey, State Medical Survey, Quality Assessment, Wound Care
  • Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Expert Witness, Medical Malpractice, Defense, Elder Law, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Nursing Home, Plaintiff, Product Liability

  • Company: LegalRN
  • City: Bishopville
  • State: Maryland
  • Phone: 302-388-5667
  • E-mail: